Quiz: So you think you know UCLA History?

The following quiz appeared as a Closeup article in UCLA Today March 11, 2003 (Vol. 23, No. 11). 

Since its founding in 1919 at a temporary site and its move 10 years later to a permanent home in Westwood, UCLA has grown immensely during its 84 years. If you think you know something about Bruin history, here’s your chance to match memories with a man with a “Jeopardy”-like grasp of such facts and figures. 

Assistant Provost John Sandbrook of the College of Letters and Science has a long history at UCLA since his freshman year of 1967-68. He spent five years on the Daily Bruin during his undergraduate days in the late ’60s and early ’70s and just passed the 30-year mark as a senior administrator, including many years as assistant to former Chancellor Charles E. Young. He compiled the following multiple-choice “exam” for participants in the UCLA Professional Staff Development program last November. Some of the answers come from the book, “UCLA on the Move,” and the Office of Academic Planning and Budget. If you get stumped, see the answer key at the bottom of the page. 

1. What is UCLA’s oldest building?
a. Royce Hall
b. Powell Library
c. Clark Library
d. Moore Hall 

2. What is currently on the site of UCLA’s original campus?
a. Los Angeles Music Center
b. Los Angeles City College
c. Southwest Museum
d. Descanso Gardens 

3. Who was Edward Dickson?
a. First chancellor
b. First football coach
c. First librarian
d. First Los Angeles regent/UCLA founding father 

4. Who is DeNeve Plaza named after?
a. Priest who established the San Fernando Mission
b. First Latino faculty member
c. Founder of Pueblo de Los Angeles
d. Original landowner of West Los Angeles area 

5. What is the oldest academic unit of UCLA?
a. Graduate School of Education & Information Studies
b. College of Letters and Science
c. School of the Arts and Architecture
d. College of Agriculture 

6. Put this list of major events held at UCLA in chronological order
a. Moving day caravan on Memorial Day
b. First chemistry class in Haines Hall
c. First student assembly in Royce Hall
d. Dedication ceremony at Founder’s Rock 

7. What was the original use of the area now known as the UCLA Medical Plaza?
a. Citrus trees for the College of Agriculture
b. UCLA baseball stadium
c. A parking lot
d. The first campus bookstore 

8. Who coached UCLA to its first NCAA team championship in any sport?
a. William Ackerman
b. J.D. Morgan
c. Elvin Drake
d. John Wooden 

9. The Men’s Gymnasium 200 Room was UCLA’s first basketball arena. What was its nickname?
a. Bruins’ Den
b. B.O. Barn
c. The Firehouse
d. The Home of Champions 

10. What song did the UCLA Marching Band perform at the Academy Awards in 1969?
a. “West Side Story”
b. “Lara’s Theme” from “Dr. Zhivago”
c. “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”
d. “Around the World in 80 Days” 

11. What national historical event occurred within 30 days after the first student assembly was held in Royce Hall?
a. Hoover Dam began operation
b. Stock market crash 
c. Crash of the Hindenburg
d. St. Francis Dam disaster 

12. Approximately how many volumes are in the UCLA Library?
a. 5 million
b. 7 million
c. 10 million
d. 11 million 

13. Approximately what percentage of UCLA sophomores currently live in the residence halls?
a. 25%
b. 40%
c. 60%
d. 75% 

14. Who was the first Nobel Prize winner to serve on the UCLA faculty?
a. Julian Schwinger
b. Donald Cram
c. Ralph Bunche
d. Willard Libby 

15. How many home games did UCLA men’s basketball teams led by John Wooden lose in the 11 years he coached in Pauley Pavilion?
a. 0
b. 2
c. 7
d. 12 

16. What was the original name of Pauley Pavilion?
a. Caddy Works Fieldhouse
b. Wilbur Johns Arena
c. Memorial Activities Center
d. Pauley Pavilion is the original name 

17. What was the original nickname attached to the Sunset Canyon Recreation Center by students who opposed its construction?
a. The Cess Pool
b. Murphy’s Folly
c. The Fail-Dale 
d. The Landfill 

18. Where is Coral Tree Walk located?
a. Court of Sciences
b. Medical Center Plaza
c. Franklin Murphy Sculpture Garden
d. Sunset Village 

19. What was the first structure built on the Westwood campus?
a. Royce Hall 
b. The Bridge
c. Powell Library
d. Chancellor’s Residence 

20. Who is Meyerhoff Park named after?
a. A former professor of philosophy
b. A former student body president
c. A former Daily Bruin editor-in-chief
d. A famous speaker 

21. What other university was first offered — but declined — the property now known as the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center?
a. Caltech 
b. USC
c. Stanford
d. Loma Linda 

22. What was the nickname of the housing area built on the west side of campus for World War II veterans attending UCLA on the G.I. Bill?
a. Gayleyville 
b. Bruinville
c. The Lair of the Bruins
d. Camp Bruin 

23. Jackie Robinson is the only UCLA athlete to letter in four varsity sports. What was his “worst” sport in terms of statistics at UCLA?
a. Football 
b. Basketball
c. Baseball
d. Track and field 

24. What was the original intended use of the area of the campus now used for student housing?
a. Agricultural research
b. Faculty housing
c. Fraternities and sororities
d. Parking lots 

25. Rafer Johnson won the decathlon gold medal at the 1960 Olympics in Rome, defeating fellow Bruin C.K. Yang. What was Rafer’s other campus activity?
a. UCLA baseball captain
b. UCLA football captain
c. Daily Bruin editor-in-chief
d. Undergraduate student body president 

26. What was the academic program for which Campbell Hall was built?
a. Home economics
b. Linguistics
c. Ethnic studies
d. English 

Here are the answers:
1-c; 2-b; 3-d; 4-c; 5-a; 6-d, b, a, c; 7-a; 8-a; 9-b; 10-c; 11-b; 12-b; 13-d; 14-d; 15-b; 16-c; 17-b; 18-c; 19-b; 20-a; 21-b; 22-a; 23-c; 24-b; 25-d; and 26-a. 

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