Welcome Parents, Families and Friends 

Commencement Day - What to Expect 

Parents, families and friends of candidates should plan on arriving on the UCLA campus approximately one hour prior to the ceremony's scheduled start time. This will allow appropriate time for parking and the walk to the venue. All venues are first come, first seated. All venues will open approximately 1 hour before the scheduled start time. 

June in Los Angeles is usually quite warm, with daytime highs in the upper 70's to mid 80's. Mornings can be chilly with the typical Southern California "late night and early morning low clouds". If you are attending an outdoor event in the mid morning, you should dress in layers or wear a light jacket or wrap that can be easily removed as the temperature rises. If you are attending an outdoor ceremony we recommend that you consider using sunscreen. Please visit for current weather conditions. 

The campus at UCLA is fairly large and we recommend wearing comfortable shoes. UCLA is quite beautiful during early summer and a stroll through the Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden or a walk through the Dickson Courts can be pleasant after Graduation activity and an excellent photo opportunity. 

Drinking water is available for no charge at each of the commencement venues, or bottled water (as well as soft drinks and snacks) may be purchased at one of the UCLA Store locations throughout the campus. All campus restaurants will be open for a quick bite or a more relaxing after graduation meal. 

UCLA has a wide variety of majors and disciplines, many of which can sound similar to those not familiar with the university. We recommend that you check the schedule for both the name of the event and the venue to insure that we can direct you to the correct ceremony should you lose your way. Commencement weekend at UCLA is a major event with approximately 50 different ceremonies and activities occurring over the course of 4 days. The commencement schedule for the weekend can be found here. The Commencement schedule is subject to change and any updates will be noted on this website.

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Departmental / Schools Web Pages 

Each listing on the commencement schedule is hyperlinked to the corresponding departmental or school web page. These pages will have more information regarding the event. We encourage you to look at not only your candidate's department or school, but other departments and schools as well. You can reach each school's page by clicking on the name of the school on the Commencement Schedule page. 

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Commencement Speakers 

Each department or school typically invites a keynote speaker for their commencement ceremony. If you wish to know who will be speaking at a specific commencement ceremony please click on the ceremony title on the commencement schedule

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Selling of Commencement Tickets 

Please note: Section102.06 of the UCLA Student Conduct Code makes it a student conduct violation to sell commencement tickets; violations will be reported to the Office of the Dean of Students and could result in a student not receiving their diploma after graduation. 

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Venue Seating Information 

Seating at all commencement events is general admission. For indoor venues, tickets are required, but seating is general admission. Seating at all venues is first come, first serve. Saving seats will be allowed as space permits. 

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Parking and Shuttle Information 

All parking lots and structures on the UCLA campus will be open and staffed throughout Commencement Weekend. Parking is $12 per permit. Oversized vehicle parking is available at Lot 36 at the corner of Wilshire and Veteran Boulevards. Pre-paid parking permits may also be purchased in advance either from the UCLA Central Ticket Office (CTO) or from UCLA Parking Services. Please check a campus map to find the closest parking structure or lot to the event you are attending. 

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Photography and Video 

The use of handheld cameras and video is permitted and encouraged at all ceremonies on Commencement Weekend. For fire and life safety reasons, tripods are not allowed at any ceremony, and may not be set up in aisles, doorways, walkways or other areas. Several venues have photo areas set aside for the quick close up shot. Anyone is welcome into those areas, however, space is limited and we ask that you not stay in the photo area longer than 5 minutes in order to give other families a chance to take pictures. Tripods are not allowed in the designated photo areas. 

Professional photographers, whose pictures are available for purchase after the ceremony, will also serve many ceremonies. More information will be given at the ceremony or visit GradImages, Inc Photography at 

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Balloons are not allowed at any of UCLA's indoor commencement venues, including Royce Hall and Pauley Pavilion. 

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Stroller Usage 

Strollers are not allowed at any of UCLA's indoor venues and certain outdoor venues, including Drake Stadium and the Los Angeles Tennis Center. 

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Flower Sales 

Flower sales booths will be located across the UCLA campus and in particular at each commencement venue as well as at all UCLA Store locations across the campus. 

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UCLA Stores and Graduation Etc. 

All UCLA Store locations will be open during Commencement Weekend for the purchase of UCLA Bearwear, gifts, memorabilia, film, cameras and other items. In addition, Graduation Etc. (UCLA's commencement store) will be open for the purchase of class rings, yearbooks, diploma frames and graduation accessories. 

Regalia, announcements, diploma frames and graduation gifts can all be purchased on-line. Please visit and click on Graduation Etc. for price lists, information, and ordering. Announcements will be ready for pick-up two weeks from the date of purchase at Graduation Etc. All other products, including caps and gowns, will be available for pick-up beginning in May in the textbook area of A-Level Ackerman Union. Senior portrait appointments are still available at the Campus Photo Studio (310) 206-8433. Don't forget to order wallet sized portraits to include in your announcements. Order and pick-up early to avoid any delays or long lines. 

Honor Cords and Chancellor Service Award Cords will be available the beginning of June. Cords must be purchased in person at Graduation Etc. 

Graduation Etc., A-Level Ackerman Union
308 Westwood Plaza 
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Phone: (310) 825-2587
FAX: (310) 825-2794
Graduation Etc. Store 

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Helpful Hints

Graduates: plan to arrive two hours before your ceremony begins or before your appointed line up time.

Find a location other than the Bruin Bear to meet your candidate. The Bruin Bear is at the crossroads of the campus and is a logical place to meet your son or daughter during Commencement Weekend, however, thousands of other families will be meeting their son or daughter at the same location. We would suggest meeting your candidate at locations such as the Inverted Fountain, in front of the Royce Hall Towers or at the entrance to a nearby building. Each Commencement Ceremony location is easily identified on Campus Maps and after four or five years, your son or daughter should be able to find the location that you choose.

Park for the end of your day at UCLA. Many times guests will park at the closest location to the Commencement Ceremony. However they will not take into account their tour of the campus after the ceremony. We would suggest that you plan your day so that after a full day of walking and seeing the campus, you do not have to walk across the campus to get to your vehicle. Plan your walking for early in the day when you have more energy and the weather is cooler. Remember to bring comfortable shoes if you plan on a walking tour of the campus.

Jot down the parking lot/structure number. UCLA has many parking lots and structures and all structures are multi-level complexes. We suggest that you write down the lot and level number of where you parked on a piece of note paper and take the note paper with you to the event. This will help you find your way back to your car.

If you get lost... UCLA commencement's post directional signs to all events on all main walkways throughout the campus. Each campus building has a sign that denotes the name of the building, remember which building you are parked close to or is nearest to your event. Campus maps are available at all information booths, on campus kiosks and from Commencement staff across the campus. If after checking your map, you still cannot find your way, please ask any friendly UCLA staff or student for directions.

Bring Sunblock - Even if the ceremony you are attending is indoors, if you plan on a walking tour of the campus, bring sunblock, especially for children. June weather in Southern California is traditionally hazy in the morning hours, but still causes sunburn.

No Balloons - While balloons are allowed at outdoor venues only, sometimes the person sitting behind you will be most appreciative if you leave the balloons in your car. We understand that balloons are festive and celebratory; perhaps they are better presented at dinner or at home.

Umbrellas - While the use of umbrellas is not restricted, we ask that you be considerate of those around you, especially behind you, when using an umbrella to block the sun.

Parking Tips - UCLA wants your commencement experience to be perfect from beginning to end. Depending upon the day and time of the event, the streets surrounding the campus can be quite congested. To help you avoid traffic congestion in the busy Westwood area, we would like to offer the following suggestions:

  • 405 (San Diego) Freeway: Avoid using the Sunset Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard on-ramps to the 405 (San Diego) Freeway. Instead, travel south from the campus using Westwood Boulevard, Hilgard Avenue (to Westwood Boulevard), Gayley Avenue or Veteran Avenue to Santa Monica Boulevard, turn right (westbound) and enter the 405 from Santa Monica Boulevard.
  • 10 (Santa Monica) Freeway: Take Sunset or Wilshire Boulevard EAST from the campus, turn right (southbound) on Beverly Glen, right again (westbound) at Olympic Boulevard, then left (southbound) on Overland Avenue. Enter the 10 Freeway on Overland Avenue.

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Westwood Village Information

Westwood Village offers a variety of shopping, dining and entertainment options for visitors.

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