Official Responsibility

Faculty at UCLA play an important role in the success of the annual Commencement Ceremonies. All faculty members are invited and strongly encouraged to participate in as many events as possible over commencement weekend. Although we have to schedule a majority of ceremonies over the weekend, which makes time critical, it is important and meaningful to the students to have faculty representation at as many ceremonies as possible. If you have any questions regarding this information or would like to participate in the ceremony, please contact the your school commencement office or the UCLA Commencement Office at x52022. 

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Official Party 

The Official Party is comprised of the Chancellor or other executive member of the administration, Dean, Department Chairs and Faculty members as well as the keynote speaker, medallist and other speakers. The Official Party's responsibility is to participate in the ceremony and may be called upon to perform additional duties including Faculty Marshall. Another important aspect of the Official Party is to participate in the conferral of degrees at the commencement. Generally, the members of the Academic Procession are seated on the stage throughout the proceedings. 

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Faculty Marshal

The Faculty Marshal goes to the stage at the beginning of the ceremony and announces the graduates and official party as they enter the venue. The Faculty Marshal will announce Deans who are responsible for conferring degrees during the appropriate portion of the ceremony. Information applicable to members of the party will be distributed well in advance of the ceremony. 

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The Processional marks the official beginning of the ceremony. The Processional is the march into the stadium or venue by the Candidates, the Faculty, and the Official Party. Although the order of the march will vary from ceremony to ceremony, all degree-conferring ceremonies begin with this element. Faculty need to report for the Processional at least one-half hour before the ceremony start time (check specific time with your school commencement coordinator). You should be prepared to meet with your fellow faculty and follow the directions of the staff present for detailed instructions. Once at your seat, remain standing until all the faculty and official party have entered the seating area, the Master of Ceremonies will ask all to stand for the National Anthem. The Master of Ceremonies will invite everyone to take his or her seats and the speaker presentation will begin. Some ceremonies vary slightly from this format, and all faculty should follow the directions of the staff present. 

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Some of the schools have a Recessional at the end of the ceremony. The Recessional will follow the Processional in reverse order; however some schools do not recess the Graduates. After the speakers' portions of the ceremony and the degrees have been conferred, the Master of Ceremonies will instruct the graduates and the audience regarding the recessional. Faculty should follow the directions of the staff on site. The Recessional will signify the official end of the ceremony. 

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What time do I have to be there? 

All Faculty should arrive at their venues no less than one-half hour prior to the scheduled start time of the ceremony (check with your school commencement coordinator for specific times) or click on the event name on the Commencement Schedule to see the detailed information for that particular event. 

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Where do I go? 

There will be a designated staging area for the Faculty at each ceremony, please report to this area and follow the directions of the staff on site. They will instruct you on what to do next and of the progress of the ceremony. Signs will be posted at each venue directing the Faculty to the Official Party staging areas. Please have your cap and gown when you enter the staging area unless other arrangements have been made. 

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Faculty Parking 

Cross Parking will be in effect for all lots and structures. Parking permits will be required throughout Commencement Weekend. You may use your University issued parking permit to park on campus throughout Commencement Weekend.

During commencement weekend all appropriate parking lots will be open. UCLA Parking Services will staff lots according to ceremony times and locations. Faculty should drive directly to the parking lot suggested for the ceremony they are participating in. You can learn which parking lot is suggested for the ceremony you are attending by clicking on the name of the ceremony in the Commencement Schedule. 

Pre-paid Commencement Parking Permits will be available for purchase ($12 per permit) in the Parking & Commuter Services Lobby and at the Central Ticket Office, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday-Friday. 

UCLA Maps and Directions
UCLA Transportation Services 

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Apparel Information

Order your commencement day rental regalia on-line at the UCLA Store - Graduation Etc. Faculty rental regalia will be delivered during the week preceding ceremonies. Schools/Departments will be billed for faculty regalia at the conclusion of commencements. Any changes or deletions must be made by calling Graduation Etc. Check with your school/department for more information. If you are interested in purchasing regalia, even if you graduated from another college/university, please contact Graduation Etc. for more information. 

Graduation Etc., A-Level Ackerman Union
308 Westwood Plaza 
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Phone: (310) 825-2587
Fax: (310) 825-2794

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